HOLI 2021

28 March 2021 (Sunday) 11:00 am to 05:00 pm  
Colour Stalls: $2,500 +GST
Non-Colour, Non-Food Stalls $500+GST
Food Stalls (Max 2): $2,000 + GST
Coffee /Juice/Ice Cream Vans (Max 2 each): $300+GST

  • $ 0.00
  • Terms of Service

    1. The stalls will be allocated only after approval of application by Holi Organising Committee.

    2. The location of stalls/vans will be allocated based on first come first served basis. This is based on the full payment of stall hired, received by ISWA along with the stall booking. No additional bond / security is required.

    3. Stall hire is available for one day only. Stall or van owners can come in as early as 6AM on the day of the event to set up the stalls/vans and must clear everything by 6PM on the event day itself.

    4. Strictly no refunds are issued to anyone who is unable to hold the stall.

    5. Stall holders are not permitted to make any announcements on the stage for any reason whether it is prize announcement or giveaways.

    6. All hirers who would like to sell food, please note the following:

    a. Food items for sale must be properly covered and handled in accordance with the health standards as applicable. Stall/van holders will have to abide by the rules and regulations issued by Government/Local Council.

    b. Seller must maintain the temperature (Hot / Cold) of the food after preparation. All required equipment shall be arranged by seller.

    c. All food must be stored at least 150 mm above the floor.

    d. Stall/van holders are responsible to bring in power boards in order to be able to connect multiple gadgets. Please note that power point will not be capable to supply load of hot plate. Please use Gas Bottles for heating and Cooking.

    e. Food stall/Food van holders should honour food coupons issued to Holi 2021 organisers and 50% of the cost of the coupons will be reimbursed.

    7. Stall hirer shall clearly describe all the items to be sold in the application form.

    8. All hirers are required to attend pre-event meeting if arranged.

    9. The stall holder occupies and uses the stall at the stall holder’s sole risk. The stall holder releases to the full extent the Event Organizers / societies from and against all claims and demands of any kind and from any liability which may arise because of any accident, damage, death or injury to any person or property due to the items they sell and in or around the stall.

    10. If the event management committee orders to shut down any stall for any reason on the day of event, the stall fee is not refundable.

    11. Stall/van holders are required to set up their stall 1 hour before start of the event. The stall must be operational from start to finish of the event and vacate the premises in one hour of the completion of the event. Failing to vacate stall will attract additional administrative and power charges as decided by Holi Organising committee.

    12. Stalls not occupied in time can be allotted to others by Holi Organising Committee without refunding the stall charges.

    13. Soft drinks, power drinks, health drinks, tea, coffee, Lassi, Faluda, ice cream, Kulfi, water bottles, other approved beverages and any other packed or un-packed food items are allowed to be sold at the approved Food-stalls/Food vans only.

    14. Unless approved, collection of any money or distribution of any pamphlets is strictly prohibited.

    15. Please bring in your own trolley to carry the goods to the stall to avoid congestion and delays.

    16. No music or audio in any format shall be played in any stalls. All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged.

    17. All food stalls/food vans must organise their own power source.

    18. Abide by any other conditions, which may be imposed by the Holi 2021 Organising Committee for safety and smooth operation of the stalls.

    19. Stall holder found negligent of the above conditions shall vacate the stall immediately and the stall fee will not be refundable.

    20. Food vendors are not allowed to serve or sell any products containing Beef or Pork.

    21. Every food provider needs to:

    a. Offer no less than one healthy food option

    b. Display water for sale and sell for no more than $1

    22. All sugary drinks cannot be promoted or on display. Sugary drink include any beverage which contains added sugar - e.g. soft drink, energy drinks and slushies.

    23. Unsweetened beverages can be displayed/promoted - e.g. water, sparkling water, 100% fruit juice (no added sugar varieties only)

    24. A fact sheet and support from WASCA will be provided to all food vendors to help meet these conditions.