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ISWA Mentorship Program GO LIVE Free Online Event

The much anticipated #Mentorship program of ISWA, targetting the college and university students of Indian origin in WA, GONE LIVE on SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2021 AT 7 PM! This is the first Mentorship program ever in WA dedicated to Indian origin students, with primary focus on International students of Indian origin.

The Vision is to identify potentials in students, develop, connect with the community and the industry, and get the students ready for their job and life in Australia. This will be the Pilot Phase with maximum 50 mentees only, selected by our Mentorship Program team. The selection process will be explained during this online event, and the actual selection will happen during and after the event.

There is an International panel of expert behind the initiative, ably led by Mr Partha Dev ( from ISWA on the ground, assisted by Student Leaders of ISWA Student Wing.

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