Express your Interest to participate in Sangam 2022

“Sangam 2022” is on August 6 at Perth Convention and Exhibition centre from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Theme for this year’s event is ‘Maa Thujhe Salaam – A Tribute’. To participate in Sangam 2022, or for more information, please contact Sangam 2022 Cultural Coordinator Mr Satyajith Suvarna at 0466 099 058, email at ISWA Sangam 2022 : Terms & Conditions for participants/teams
Detailed schedule for auditions will be sent two weeks before the Audition date. Only selected teams will be auditioned with costumes on the Audition Day.
Last date to send the applications/EOI is 31st May 2022. Any late applications will not be considered.
• Scrutiny of application forms will be held in early June and only those programs selected based on the applications and theme will be called for the first screening auditions on 19 June 2022. Event organisers/Cultural Committee decision is final in this regard.
• Sangam 2022 is to show the culture of different states of India through the Skits, mimes, Dance dramas, folk dances or classical dances of India. Only three or four Bollywood theme/songs will be accepted this year, but these dances must be full of energy and of very high standard. Very high-quality items will only be accepted for 2022 by the Event Organisers.
• The performers should not be less than 10 years old on the event date, except where absolutely necessary for the Theme.
• Performance(s) of previous years will be rejected. Participants can not repeat any dance performance if they have performed already.
• There should be a minimum of 8 (eight) and a maximum of 20 (twenty) performers in any group. Event Organisers can consider a larger group or a smaller group only if it is necessary and performance is of a very high standard.
• One performer can only perform in one group. If any performer plans to perform in more than one group, all those items will be rejected.
• A Maximum of 5 minutes will be allocated for each item. Performances exceeding 5 minutes will not be accepted except where absolutely necessary for the Theme.
• All performing groups must attend the screening auditions with full team and perform complete program. Any group that fails to attend the screening auditions will be denied participation in the program.
• The quality of the program will be evaluated in the screening.
• All prop(s) (if any) that the team is planning to use should be used in the screening auditions.
• The quality of music should be of top quality & in MP3 format only. Please send the music files in advance by email to at least 1 week prior to the auditions.
• The screening audition must be with the full program/songs. The groups not showing their full program in the screening auditions will be rejected. No videos/sample clips will be accepted.
• Two free tickets will be allotted for the coordinators and one for each performer of the selected items. Every performer can buy a maximum of four tickets at discounted price for their friends and family.
• Every participating group has to provide one volunteer during the main function. This is a compulsory requirement to be selected to perform in this event.
• Performance requirements/program sequence will be decided/controlled by Event Organisers based on auditions and Theme.
• Please provide any special AV requirements ASAP (e.g. follow on lights etc.).

For technical issues, reach out to Mr Subrata Bhattacharjee