*Are You Existing Associated Association with ISWA
No. of financial members (excluding under 18 years)
*President’s details
Secretary’s details
Treasurer’s details

We solemnly affirm that:
- the above particulars are true and correct to best of our knowledge and belief.
- the membership of the Association stated above is as per the Register of Members maintained under section 53 of the Act.
And agree to:
- abide by the Constitution of the Indian society of W.A. at all times and by rules that the Management Committee may establish periodically.
- to advise the Secretary in any change in my contact details of the association.
- the contact details of the Association and its office bearers may be used by ISWA for communicating activities and newsletter on ISWA’s activity.
- Any verification of the information provided on this form and understand that the membership will be effective form the date this application is approved by the Management Committee.

We understand that the latest copy of the Constitution is always available at the Society’s office for members to read.
Signature of the President :
Signature of the Secretary :